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Name: Amy Pond, aka Amelia Williams
Canon: Doctor Who
Scrubs Color: Hunter Green
Visible Age: 31
Gender: Female
Height: 5'11
Physique: Very tall, very leggy, very lanky, sort of like a graceful model-like giraffe
Complexion: Pale
Hygiene: She's been without in a few different times, so she makes it a point to grab a shower or a bath whenever she can - typically very well groomed and makes a point to do her nails and hair (well, she did before)
Hair: Long, red, wavy hair
Eyes: Brown
Defining Marks: Nothing too unique apart from the colour of her hair
Accent/Speech: Scottish accent that is unflinchingly as strong now as it was when she moved to England
Bearing/Demeanor: Amy is fairly graceful considering that she's all limbs and legs half the time, moving with great confidence in her actions. If you need something off a top shelf? She's your girl. That said, she's not fancy or frilly in any way, and is happy to get her hands dirty
Gait: Long strides and quick, too used to running at a moment's notice
Habits: Quick to sarcasm, quick to noticing the danger around her, and quick to an adventure
Skills: While Amy isn’t an expert in any particular situation, she’s clever, witty and stubborn. Her solutions to problems often come in a last minute moment of desperation, but they’re every bit as thoughtful and useful. She’s immensely brave and willing to put herself in danger in order to help save the situation and can get slightly less than lawful if that’s what needs to be done. Amy tends to lean towards the end justifying the means, but is persistent and stubborn about reaching that end and trying to do it so that the right thing happens. Due to the nature of the crack in her wall, Amy has a special association with memory, able to keep things subconsciously locked away. She won’t have that ability anymore, but her mind works overtime now to process what’s around her in order to make an effort not to forget anything.

Amy also has a high reserve of faith for the people she truly trusts and loves. Amy’s real skills in the village won’t be firewood gathering or medical work, though she’ll do what she has to do. Her true skill will be asking hard questions and aiming to keep pushing until the wall breaks down, making sure that the people she’s come to meet and know are with her along the way.


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